30 Apr 2015

WTC Education's Traffic Roundup 4/24 - 4/30

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Traffic Roundup 04/2015

When you are a marketer, you have a love-hate relationship with your industry.

Some parts -- like coming up with creative solutions to market products or services -- are awesome. But other parts -- like putting those cool ideas into annoying branded content (or spam) -- are less so.


I hate/love you.
Marketers’ feelings about marketing are totally love-hate. Source

That’s why this week’s traffic roundup contains pieces that also highlight marketers’ love-hate relationship with their industry.

Of course, marketers may have a love-hate relationship with marketing, but that doesn't mean you should have a love-hate relationship with today’s roundup. It’s full of helpful posts and articles on boosting your traffic levels.

That leaves fraud, which I'd like to you call marketing.
To marketing! Source

First up, there were a couple of great pieces related to #Mobilegeddon this week. Marketers have a love-hate relationship to Google’s mobile ranking update for a lot of reasons. Part of it is that it’s great for mobile-users but bad for small to medium-sized businesses whose sites are not mobile-responsive yet 

Whatever the reason, while Mobilegeddon is officially over, the hysteria around it hasn't flagged. The hype has continued strong since its roll out on April 21st.


Still? Source

In that vein, Barry Schwartz of Marketing Land has a piece on what we know about the update now that a week has passed. Key takeaways are that Google is rolling out the update in stages rather than all at once. So you still have a few days before the full effects of the update affect your rankings (and consequently, your traffic).

A related piece this week by Greg Sterling highlights the fact that mobile-only users now outnumber PC-only users. With the majority of web traffic now mobile-only, website owners with mobile-responsive websites now have the competitive edge, mobilegeddon or no.

In other news, there was a virtual typhoon of pieces this week that discussed paid promotion on Twitter, with pieces in WordStream, Content Marketing Institute, and Marketing Land.

Clearly Twitter was all love this week where marketers were concerned. Source

Here is a summary of what went down:

All of them have great advice on using paid promotion to boost reach and traffic levels. 

Finally, in a bizarre about-face this week, Digiday published two pieces of content with strongly contradicting messages. The first, a post by Kyle Acquistapace, is a rant on how we should love online advertising because it promotes our businesses (boosted traffic levels!) or because it provides us a career.

don't bite the hand that feeds you
You know, that whole “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” thing. Source

A few days later, Mark Duffy posted a rant lambasting online advertising -- specifically Dove’s recent #femvertising campaign aimed at making us ladies feel good about ourselves by making us feel bad about ourselves.

Reading them back-to-back gave me a bit of digital whiplash. It was like reading the bizarre Frankenstein of a romcom and a slasher film.

Yep. Just another days work in our industry. Source

But it’s not surprising.

In addition to marketers, many business owners can probably identify with this feeling of ambivalence -- even when they know online marketing is necessary for their business. For example, they may love the traffic and brand visibility that something like a banner ad can bring -- yet they may dislike how irritating looking at a banner ad is.

It’s an uneasy balance -- even as online marketing is recognized as vital to growing a small business.

What do you have a love-hate relationship with in your business? Share with me in the comments or shoot me a tweet @HRodabaugh.



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