06 Aug 2015

How To Create The Perfect Local Business Facebook Page – 2015 Edition (Free Download!)

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Facebook Mastery. How To Create The Perfect Local Business Facebook Page | 2015

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Odds are, you don’t need to be told about the importance of Facebook.

More than 7 out of 10 adults online are active on the social media site, and about half of these users check their pages several times a day.

Connecting people with friends, family members, and coworkers on an endless range of internet-enabled devices, Facebook has become synonymous with the phrase “social media” for the vast majority of us online. Tied for second place, LinkedIn and Pinterest don’t even come close to having half of Facebook’s usership.

Social media sites, 2012-2014 | Pew Research Center

But what is Facebook’s role when it comes to connecting individuals with businesses?

No other social media site offers the potential exposure of Facebook, so it presents an obvious opportunity for small businesses interested in connecting with their target audience.

That’s why there’s a staggering 40 million active small business Facebook Pages today.

But let’s face it — it’s easy to be jaded about businesses on Facebook. Many of us ask ourselves questions like:

  • “Who would ‘Like’ a plumber’s Page?”

  • “Does anyone actually click on Facebook ads?”

  • “How can businesses possibly profit from all of this?”

And truthfully, plenty of local businesses promote themselves on Facebook with little to no return on investment. If your time spent on social media marketing doesn’t result in sales, why should you bother?

However, by understanding best practices for creating and optimizing a business’s Facebook Page, your Page can become an invaluable marketing tool that produces local leads and fosters customer loyalty.

Download “How To Create The Perfect Local Business Facebook Page – 2015 Edition” to learn how to build (or rebuild) your page from scratch, all written with the latest Facebook updates in mind and stuffed with tips, tricks, and resources.


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