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5 Common Business Facebook Fails (And How To Prevent Them)

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Hannah Rodabaugh

Hannah Rodabaugh is a poet whose primary background is as a college writing instructor. She works at WTC Marketing as a Content Marketing Specialist. When not writing, she enjoys hiking at Camel’s Back Park and baking healthy treats.

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08/13/2015, posted in Traffic by Hannah Rodabaugh
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I do a good job pretending to be a marketing content writer, but mostly, I’m a poet. And being a poet is not just about pounding away on a laptop in some hideous, dusty garret — it’s also about actively giving back to the local poetry community.


07/30/2015, posted in Conversion by Hannah Rodabaugh
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This week, I learned there is such a thing as too much Twitter. If there is such a thing as a Twitter hangover, I have one.

After binging on #CecilTheLion news for days (and weighing in myself), I didn’t want to even look at a computer ever again. I was kind of like that person who drinks too much and swears they will never drink again when they throw it all up the next morning.

07/23/2015, posted in Traffic by Hannah Rodabaugh
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Like me, I’m sure you’ve had experiences where you’ve called a customer service line to complain about a product or service only to become trapped in a labyrinthine maze of fully-automated responses and options, with nary a human in sight.

At times like these, I generally devolve into a frustrated mess as I scream into the phone, “I want to talk to a f------ human!” (And every once in a while it actually works.)

07/02/2015, posted in Conversion by Hannah Rodabaugh
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PPC ads are a mysterious force, or so it may seem to the untrained observer.

You work hard to target keywords or to tell people who you are and what you offer at a glance, and that’s still not always enough to generate clicks on your PPC ads.

Why? Because a basic, well-constructed PPC ad is never as compelling as a distinctive, well-constructed one.

It has to do with a little thing called the Von Restorff Effect, which essentially boils down to the idea that we are all hardwired...

06/04/2015, posted in Traffic by Hannah Rodabaugh
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Click Here to Get Your Free Guide Now! 

Do you remember the first time you tried to fix something without the instructions? I do. 

I was a teenager. I was cleaning dishes in the back of the bakery where I worked, when the pre-rinse spray faucet broke and started spraying water everywhere. Not one to be daunted by a little mechanical hiccup here and there, I fixed the leak with what was around me: mostly a latex glove and some butchers twine. I was proud as punch for weeks about it...

05/21/2015, posted in Traffic by Hannah Rodabaugh
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I think we can all agree that online traffic is the only kind of traffic we want.

After all, unlike real-life traffic, which tends to take the form of smelly, honking cars, online traffic involves amazing stuff for your business, like boosting your brand’s visibility, and bringing you more website visitors that can become new customers.

05/20/2015, posted in Traffic by Hannah Rodabaugh
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So you want to become certified in Google AdWords before trying your hand at the AdWords rodeo. We don’t blame you.

After all, Google AdWords is a complicated system. Most people struggle to understand it, let alone create ads that generate leads. DIY-ing it can be a risky free-for-all that only results in you losing money.


05/14/2015, posted in Websites by Hannah Rodabaugh
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 When most of us think of spring, we think of spring cleaning -- where we fix stuff up, get rid of other stuff, and powerwash the rest.

 But with all the sweeping, dusting, and mopping you’re doing around the house, it’s easy to forget that your website can benefit from some spring cleaning, too.

04/30/2015, posted in Traffic by Hannah Rodabaugh
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 When you are a marketer, you have a love-hate relationship with your industry.

04/23/2015, posted in Conversion by Hannah Rodabaugh
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We’d all like to be more productive, right?

And with employer speedup expecting more work out of every 40-hour work week, it’s no wonder.




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