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5 Common Business Facebook Fails (And How To Prevent Them)

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3 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Kenny Rogers

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07/30/2015, posted in Conversion by Hannah Rodabaugh
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This week, I learned there is such a thing as too much Twitter. If there is such a thing as a Twitter hangover, I have one.

After binging on #CecilTheLion news for days (and weighing in myself), I didn’t want to even look at a computer ever again. I was kind of like that person who drinks too much and swears they will never drink again when they throw it all up the next morning.

07/29/2015, posted in Websites by Tim Hand
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07/23/2015, posted in Traffic by Hannah Rodabaugh
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Like me, I’m sure you’ve had experiences where you’ve called a customer service line to complain about a product or service only to become trapped in a labyrinthine maze of fully-automated responses and options, with nary a human in sight.

At times like these, I generally devolve into a frustrated mess as I scream into the phone, “I want to talk to a f------ human!” (And every once in a while it actually works.)

07/21/2015, posted in Traffic by Annie Singer
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07/16/2015, posted in Conversion by Tim Hand
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“Brand” can sometimes feel like a very intangible thing.

While the word means more than just logos and design, my first thought often goes to rows of laundry detergent or cans of Campbell’s soup whenever someone says the word. Which makes sense, since our first experience with brand is typically through the products that we purchase and use on a daily basis.

But with digital marketing becoming a bigger part of small business management, this kind of thinking creates something of a...

07/14/2015, posted in Traffic by Tim Hand
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For those buried in social media and marketing news feeds for a good chunk of every week, Facebook is inescapable.

What would my Feedly stream be if it weren’t plastered with Mark Zuckerberg’s smiling face, that desaturated blue, and a dozen different articles from major online publishers about how Facebook made a minor tweak to its logo?

07/09/2015, posted in Websites by Megan Williams
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Nothing frustrates me more than when people assume copy is easy to write.

“Just be clear,” the naysayers might say. “It shouldn’t take you more than an hour to write that entire website.”

Or even worse: “I’ll do it myself.”  

Don’t get me wrong, I believe you can do it yourself. But if you do it yourself in less than an hour with the goal of being “clear,” not only are you going to subject your audience to embarrassing typos (or your editor to hours of rewrites), but you’re probably not...

07/07/2015, posted in Websites by Tim Hand
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Business owners love to say that they have “great customer service.”

It’s like how job applicants add “detail-oriented” to their resumes. It’s definitely an important feature, and it speaks to something that your audience expects, but it can feel silly when you can’t offer anything that gives the claimsubstance.

Businesses often boast about customer service in site copy, PPC ads, and promotional materials, but this can come off as empty if they fail to address this question:

What makes your...

07/02/2015, posted in Conversion by Hannah Rodabaugh
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PPC ads are a mysterious force, or so it may seem to the untrained observer.

You work hard to target keywords or to tell people who you are and what you offer at a glance, and that’s still not always enough to generate clicks on your PPC ads.

Why? Because a basic, well-constructed PPC ad is never as compelling as a distinctive, well-constructed one.

It has to do with a little thing called the Von Restorff Effect, which essentially boils down to the idea that we are all hardwired...

07/02/2015, posted in Traffic by Tim Hand
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