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5 Common Business Facebook Fails (And How To Prevent Them)

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3 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Kenny Rogers

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06/25/2015, posted in Websites by Megan Williams
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I get SO SICK of boring marketing campaigns.

Maybe it’s because I’m a weird poet freak. I get sick of landing on websites that use the same copy formulas and same kinds of photos. Did they question whether they’re going to make the person the company wants to impress think: “Oooh. That’s weird. That’s neat”?

Sure, your website needs to clearly express the benefit you’re offering your customers or clients. You need to woo them by demonstrating that you understand them. You could probably...

06/23/2015, posted in Conversion by Tim Hand
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Is there any wonder why we love “Likes”?

There’s something undeniably gratifying about seeing your page’s fan count rise. The same goes for followers, retweets, repins, and just about everything else in the world of social media metrics. These rising numbers can reflect real progress in your social media marketing.

More “Likes” can mean more people are noticing your brand, seeing your content, and amplifying your reach. But let’s face it – all of that aside, it just feels good.

06/18/2015, posted in Conversion by Tim Hand
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Nothing is ever straightforward when it comes to marketing. Before you even begin, you’re hit with the question: “What marketing channels are going to be most effective for my business?” And if you’re marketing intelligently, you’ll still be asking this same question long after you’ve started.

06/17/2015, posted in Traffic by Tim Hand
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Conspiracy theorists, political radicalists, and outraged twenty-somethings arguing with each other on the internet about their favorite video game consoles. Between them all, there’s a common thread of psychology: a little mental stumbling block that you might never notice at play.

06/11/2015, posted in Traffic by Megan Williams
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Ah, June. I just love the sound of prenups being signed in law offices dotted across our sunny, half-humid country, and drunk bachelorettes teetering around like baby giraffes on valium, coming to work distracted by love or whatever.

06/09/2015, posted in Websites by Tim Hand
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It happens all the time.

You hear a news story, see a television show, or hear a reference that jogs your memory -- and then you find yourself rattling off a few keys in Google to do a quick fact check. 

As internet-connected devices play a larger and larger role in our day-to-day lives, businesses need to consider how this connectivity affects their online presence.

06/09/2015, posted in Conversion by Megan Williams
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Millennials, we’ve heard it all, amirite?  

We’re narcissistic, lazy, impatient, entitled snake people.

And these qualities make the Hard-To-Reach Millennial the Tough Marketing Challenge for 2015.   

But get a clowder of us together, and we’ll probably think it’s ridiculous that your business is having such a tough time reaching us when, really, you just need to stop trying so hard.

Cattiness aside, maybe the best way for businesses to reach the hard-to-reach millennial is to accept that...

06/04/2015, posted in Traffic by Hannah Rodabaugh
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Click Here to Get Your Free Guide Now! 

Do you remember the first time you tried to fix something without the instructions? I do. 

I was a teenager. I was cleaning dishes in the back of the bakery where I worked, when the pre-rinse spray faucet broke and started spraying water everywhere. Not one to be daunted by a little mechanical hiccup here and there, I fixed the leak with what was around me: mostly a latex glove and some butchers twine. I was proud as punch for weeks about it...

06/01/2015, posted in Traffic by Tim Hand
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Imagine that you run a food truck.

From dawn ‘til dusk, you’re responsible for managing orders, cooking food, keeping a clean work area, accounting cash flow, and even maintaining the truck itself.

Even when things are going smoothly, you’ll constantly have to plan ahead for tomorrow. What do you need to stock? Where are tomorrow’s big events? Where will your competitors be making sales? Sure, you may have a team that supports you, but nevertheless, you’re going to be wearing many hats.




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