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05/27/2015, posted in Websites by Tim Hand
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We get it already -- it’s important to have a mobile-optimized site.

Mobile-optimized sites, particularly those with responsive design, are generally more likely to convert traffic into customers than a desktop site viewed on mobile devices. And that’s good to know since mobile sites are better suited to attract calls, which are the most valuable medium for conversion.

But there’s a catch -- when a mobile site isn’t optimized according to best practices, it can actually suffer from a worse...

05/26/2015, posted in Conversion by Tim Hand
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To improve your conversion rate, it’s important to consider stumbling blocks that might impact a sale throughout the customer’s buying process on your site -- especially on mobile. Your website should be able to answer questions that customers might have when researching your business and considering a purchase, no matter what device they’re using.

This means more than just having an effective, mobile-friendly website. It means having one that also anticipates your customers’ questions.

05/21/2015, posted in Traffic by Hannah Rodabaugh
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I think we can all agree that online traffic is the only kind of traffic we want.

After all, unlike real-life traffic, which tends to take the form of smelly, honking cars, online traffic involves amazing stuff for your business, like boosting your brand’s visibility, and bringing you more website visitors that can become new customers.

05/20/2015, posted in Traffic by Hannah Rodabaugh
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So you want to become certified in Google AdWords before trying your hand at the AdWords rodeo. We don’t blame you.

After all, Google AdWords is a complicated system. Most people struggle to understand it, let alone create ads that generate leads. DIY-ing it can be a risky free-for-all that only results in you losing money.


05/18/2015, posted in Conversion by Tim Hand
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If you’ve landed on this post, you might already be aware of the great struggle facing every business on Facebook.

Over the past few years, Facebook has reduced organic reach -- meaning the amount of people who see unpaid posts -- among businesses, brands, and everyone else in the habit of using Facebook for promotion.

Facebook is on a neverending quest to improve the quality of content served up to their users. It’s out with self-promotion and in with great, consumer-focused content. But...

05/14/2015, posted in Websites by Hannah Rodabaugh
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 When most of us think of spring, we think of spring cleaning -- where we fix stuff up, get rid of other stuff, and powerwash the rest.

 But with all the sweeping, dusting, and mopping you’re doing around the house, it’s easy to forget that your website can benefit from some spring cleaning, too.

05/13/2015, posted in Traffic by Megan Williams
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So you may not be one of those people who just loves social media.

Going on Facebook may seem like a waste of time, or a consensual invasion of privacy. 

05/11/2015, posted in Traffic by Tim Hand
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“Why would someone go to a plumber’s Facebook page?”

“A blog? For a dog groomer?”

“How is this going to help me sell umbrellas?”

Sometimes, marketing your business on the web may seem a little like overkill. Managing a website, running a blog, posting on social media, and even hiring SEO services -- all for the sake of attracting a few customers?!

05/07/2015, posted in Conversion by Megan Williams
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Let’s be honest:

“Conversion” just means “getting the people who already need your product and/or love your brand to fork over their hard-earned money.”

We love to couch the conversion relationship in lovey-dovey language, as though fierce loyalty and affection are what cause people to follow the businesses we promote on social media, and totally not the potential for coupons or discounts.

05/06/2015, posted in Conversion by Quincy Smith
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By Quincy Smith with Uplift ROI

Website optimization can be a confusing and intimidating process for any business. Acronyms like CRO, ROI, and CTR get thrown around like pogs in 1995, and the amount of literature on the subject would make a librarian think twice about cataloging it

Still, when 97% of customers search for local businesses online, having a website that isn’t optimized means you are missing out on a ton of business

Luckily, while some of the details vary on a case-by-case...

05/04/2015, posted in Conversion by Tim Hand
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A great business website should be easy to understand and simple to navigate while containing all the features that consumers expect. However, things get tricky when it comes down to mobile design.




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