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5 Common Business Facebook Fails (And How To Prevent Them)

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3 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Kenny Rogers

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03/30/2015, posted in Traffic by Tim Hand
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Maybe you’re managing social media profiles as, or on behalf of, a law firm. There’s a chance you’re reading this just because you’re following what we produce here at WTC (if so, thank you.) It may be that you’re just curious about the way social media profiles are run in the field of law.

If you’ve had any kind of exposure to how lawyers manage their social media presence, you don’t need me to tell you that the results can be, well, objectionable.

03/26/2015, posted in Conversion by Tim Hand
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In Kate’s last conversion roundup earlier this month, she covered a slew of helpful articles about landing pages. For the week of 3/19 to 3/26, I’m broadening our horizons to different subjects that might not immediately come to mind when it comes to conversion.

On today’s agenda, we ask: Is your copy helping you convert? Are you channeling the dark side in social media ads? Are you trying to boost conversion on a lousy budget?

Read on to discover what I think offers this week’s advice best...

03/25/2015, posted in Conversion by Kate Smith
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Is your website working? Yes? Excellent! But is it working well?

03/23/2015, posted in Traffic by Tim Hand
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There’s a good chance that if you logged online to do anything today, at some point you clicked an empty box. You thought of what you wanted to do, and you rattled off a few characters on your keyboard. With a click and a tap, you were presented with millions of possibilities -- but you probably just picked something from the first page.

03/19/2015, posted in Traffic by Hannah Rodabaugh
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03/16/2015, posted in by Tim Hand
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Not everyone has the time and resources to invest in a great mobile website.

Last weekend I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant’s website to check their hours. They’re called Jalapeños, and they’re a standby whenever the mood strikes for chiles rellenos.

Granted, their website is a huge step up from those business owners who think that putting a sign on their front door is all they need to draw in customers. And as a fan of the business, it didn’t turn me away. I already know their food...

03/12/2015, posted in Conversion by Kate Smith
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Welcome to another WTC Conversion Roundup! This week, I decided I’d buckle down on a more specific topic than “conversions” and chose to look out for new resources focusing on landing pages. I found five awesome articles published between 3/6 and 3/12 (and one published on 3/5. Please forgive me.)

03/11/2015, posted in Websites by Megan Williams
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At WTC Marketing, we spend a lot of time stressing the importance of having a functional website.

Like any marketer worth their salt, we’ve gotten into the habit of leaning on extreme examples that aim right for your pain points. Who isn’t motivated by the fear of becoming the next Blockbuster Video or Borders Books? 

03/10/2015, posted in Traffic by Hannah Rodabaugh
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You’re busy working when across the cubicle aisle you hear your coworker sneeze.


Great. They’re getting a cold. And since they can’t be bothered with covering their nose, millions of infectious droplets are flying into the air every time they sneeze. It’s only a matter of time before you catch it.

And since your colleague will never wash their hands before touching the watercooler or department printer, everyone else at work is going to get sick, too.

03/05/2015, posted in Conversion by Tim Hand
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At the end of the day, creating an awesome business website and attracting traffic to it are simply means to an end. That end, that Holy Grail of business websites, is conversion. For the week of 2/26 to 3/5, I’ll present WTC Education’s Conversion Roundup, where I’ll discuss a few articles that I think will help you on this quest.

03/04/2015, posted in Websites by Kate Smith
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“If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable.” ― Seneca

This timeless wisdom from Seneca the Younger, one of ancient Rome’s finest stoic philosophers, doesn’t just apply to seafaring. It can also apply to hockey, competitive drinking, and knitting.

But personally, I think he was talking about internet marketing.

What Seneca was really getting at is that people start and manage websites because they want something. YOU started a website because you want something. You...

03/03/2015, posted in Traffic by Tim Hand
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Have you tried blogging and found yourself stuck with nothing but a blinking cursor and a thousand-yard stare? Ever feel like your content marketing is in the middle of an existential crisis, struggling to find a reason to go on? When you’re maintaining a business’s blog or social media page, it can start to feel like grasping at straws-- especially when there seems to be nothing interesting to write about.




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